If you have a KBM5-ER machine or the older HP200 you may be interested in our CW4ER. Its pneumatic and uses the same dies.

If you have an older KIH or KWH machine we now have the CW5-KIH or KWH upgrade. They use the same KIH/KWH dies you presently use.

BWE Ltd.

BWE Ltd. (formerly Babcock Wire Equipment Ltd.) began in 1976 when the company was awarded the original Conform patent license by the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, the inventors of the basic process. BWE is now the largest supplier of continuous extrusion machines in the world.

BWE owns CONFORM/CONKLAD and TWINEX together with a number of critically important patents associated with the process and its development. Companies which extrude aluminum, copper, and other non-ferrous metals or buy such products, or may be able to use the unique advantages of the extrusion techniques offered by BWE Ltd. are always welcome to visit the facilities at Ashford, Kent, England.

BWE Ltd. is a very well established, substantial private company which enables it to undertake large contracts with confidence, to focus on the technology, and be able to respond quickly and appropriately to customer needs. BWE Shanghai Ltd. is a sister company formed to support the customers of BWE in China. Come visit us at http://www.bwe.co.uk.